I’m finally starting to feel like something close to a resident in Phoenix. Downright established, even. I’ve interviewed for a couple of positions in town, but I’m still sending out applications in other cities. That being said, I’ve come to terms with the idea of staying in the Valley.

Just in case that happens, I’m trying to figure where I want to be a “regular.” In Fargo, it was pretty easy to find me. I was  at Atomic Coffee, NIchole’s or one of the few downtown bars that hadn’t gone soft yet. In Phoenix, I’m already starting to feel like a squatter at the Songbird Coffee and Tea House and I’ve seen a few bars I could get behind.

I’ve spent some time scoping out other places around Phoenix and I’ve added them to my Pinterest board here. However, I’ve been concentrating on the job hunt and saving my pennies so the additions are limited. Within the next week I hope to post some photos from around town and have more solid information regarding employment.