Bringing a beloved restaurant to store shelves.

For years, Chi-Chi’s chain restaurants were favorite stops for anyone who wanted Mexican food that was unapologetically inauthentic. At its peak, the brand’s 210 locations were famous for huge portions, happy hour margaritas and a lively atmosphere. Eventually, they shifted from physical locations to consumer packaged goods that wore the Chi-Chi’s name as a badge of honor.

What we needed to do.

The brand wanted to refresh their campaign to meet a few important objectives:

  • Boost sales at stores throughout the country, especially in the midwest
  • Capture the restaurant’s energy and leverage nostalgia for the brand
  • Incorporate a library of recipes and creative assets built around the products
  • Execute the concept across diverse digital media channels

Putting a plan into action.

Capitalizing on the brand’s “AmeriMexican” equity, I helped create a concept focused on two fictional characters who were self-appointed Chi-Chi’s mascots. Known only as “KC Dilla” and “Mary Atchi,” our protagonists went to any lengths imaginable to showcase the brand’s products and get the word out.

How it all came to life.

Based on the campaign strategy and supporting media buys, we built out a myriad of tactics. A video series acted as our anchor while supplying assets for paid and organic placements. We then brought the series into the real world, creating a Wikipedia-style “ChiChipedia” with entries that delved into the characters’ unique vocabulary. Finally, a sponsored AmeriMexican Pandora playlist showcased songs that captured the brand’s signature crossover vibes.