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I’ve worked with brands of every shape, size, industry and scope imaginable—from upscale hotels with 50 years of heritage to startups on shoestring budgets and businesses somewhere in between. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you need a new brand, want to refresh your existing assets or simply tell your story more effectively.

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How a seven-state trip became a national phenomenon.

Usually, small budgets and truncated timelines are usually good ways to ensure a SXSW concept is DOA. But after finding out we needed to launch a product at tech’s biggest event in short order, we pulled together a plan that turned a two-day event into months of national exposure.

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Redefining the idea of “high art.”

Indigo Gardens had existing brand equity thanks to their sustainable growing practices and high-end cannabis products. By building on their reputation, I helped reposition them with a new brand strategy, refined messaging and an intentional marketing plan that elevated the wellbeing of Oregon’s budtenders.

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From restaurants to stores to kitchens everywhere.

Chi-Chi’s restaurants were beloved staples of the 90s and early 2000s. Known for their authentically inauthentic Mexican food, the brand eventually pivoted from chain eateries to consumer packaged goods. So how do you translate nostalgia for bygone happy hours into sales in the salsa aisle?

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Transforming a hospitality concept Scottsdale’s new trendsetter.

Working with a team that had a name and vision, I helped translate the dream of Hotel Adeline into a boutique brand. By translating the property’s essence into an eponymous character, we created an identity and experiences that stood out in the crowded Scottsdale market.

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Transforming an entire city into a must-visit destination.

Costa Mesa was a Southern California hotspot just waiting to be discovered. More importantly, it needed to be discovered by the right people. I helped rebrand the city’s tourism group and create a campaign that showcased everything the locale has to offer.

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Defining a decade-old brand for the first time.

New business model. New demographics. New website. New mobile app. While Gotcha had been in the mobility game for 10 years, they were basically starting from scratch and reconnecting with their start up roots.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur handling your own outreach, helming an internal marketing team or working at an agency, I’d love to collaborate with you. On the fence? Check out additional projects for more pudding packed with proof.

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