Building a boutique hospitality brand from scratch.

Hotel Adeline’s team had a name, location and soon-to-be-renovated motel in Old Town Scottsdale. What they needed was a vibrant brand to set them apart in a crowded hospitality space. I helped translate their vision into messaging, sub brands and marketing tactics that embodied the eclectic experience they had in mind.

Getting on the same page.

After gaining an understanding of how the hotel would come to life, we defined a clear set of objectives:

  • Research local and out-of-market audiences to define who we were talking to
  • Create an umbrella brand for Hotel Adeline that encapsulated the entire experience
  • Build out sub-brands for the hotel’s fast casual eatery, fine-dining restaurant, speakeasy and pool bar
  • Create marketing materials and website content to build buzz and support their sales team

Putting a plan into action.

To help set the property apart, I created the character of Adeline herself: an adventurous trendsetter who wanted to translate her favorite globe-trotting finds into one Scottsdale destination. This approach ensured every element of the hotel felt carefully curated and upscale—from each item in the restaurants to the grab-and-go coffee and running map.

How it all came to life.

The identity and messaging were interpretations of our hotel’s heroine. The logo was her slapdash signature, while the messaging and marketing materials felt like they came directly from her. The hotel collateral had the same hand-picked feel to strike a balance between inviting and upscale. Everything culminated in a grand opening event that highlighted “Adeline’s Favorite Things” by collaborating with local partners to create an open-air festival at the pool’s cabanas.