Elevating an already-premium cannabis company.

Indigo Gardens is a cannabis brand in the heart of Oregon’s famed Applegate Valley. The brand was built on their Butterfly Effect: a commitment to small acts that make greater positive impacts. While they already had a logo, they needed help refining their overall brand and messaging before applying it to their website, packaging and marketing strategy.

All about those goals.

After meeting with Indigo’s core team, a few core objectives materialized:

  • Increase top-of-mind awareness within the cannabis industry
  • Leverage their growing practices to elevate the positioning of their product
  • Drive sales at Oregon’s many cannabis dispensaries
  • Create packaging and marketing tactics to support word-of-mouth growth

Putting a plan into action.

We conducted consumer, industry and regulatory research to define a new path for the brand. Using those findings, we crafted a brand strategy to act as guiding principles for sales, marketing and outreach efforts. While we originally intended to reach consumers, our research told us to take aim at a completely different audience: budtenders. Like bartenders, these individuals on the front lines can make or break brands with their recommendations.

How it all came to life.

We developed a scalable marketing plan to empower budtenders and enhance their wellbeing in true Butterfly Effect fashion. This started with a branded toolkit that gave them premium tools of the trade while building equity. We also created packaging and swag that blurred the lines between fine art and the psychedelic fo a memorable yet upscale feel they could own. Last but not least, we developed plans to improve the lifestyles of budtenders, trading the usual complimentary cannabis samples for tactics like free Headspace memberships, yoga classes and more.