To start, this is a blog. To be more specific, it’s going to be a written record of my travels in the near future. I recently graduated from MSUM, and I’ve decided to ditch my full time job (delivering pizza) for bigger and better things. Instead, I’m driving across the country with a car, clothes and a camera bag. To head off some of the questions I’m going to get about this plan, I’ve made a list of queries I’ve already received.

1. Where are you going?

San Francisco

2. How long will you be there?

I plan to spend some time in each city, but I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be in any one place.

3. Aren’t you going to look for a big boy job?

I sure am. I plan to meet with employers in each city. At the very least, I’ll get some good critiques of my portfolio. Best case scenario, I end up a copywriter at an ad agency.

4. What will you be posting?

If you keep track of this business, you’ll be seeing some photos and musings from each location.

Anyway, that’s the plan. If you have any connections in a specific city, get a hold of me. I’d appreciate it.