It can happen to anybody: a beautiful new creative idea blindsides you by simply waltzing into your head. The next thing you know, you’re in love. In fact, you think this idea might be the one. You know, the one that you introduce to your coworkers, even the client; the one that you want to settle down with.

There’s one problem: you’re still in the honeymoon phase. The rose-colored glasses don’t let you see all of the telling little foibles that will never let the idea live up to your expectations—or the client’s. We know it hurts, but here are some signs that it’s time to break up with your creative idea.

You have to force it to work with the strategy
If it takes a lot of effort to convince yourself that the idea is on strategy, it’s probably not a good fit. A brand strategy or marketing strategy should work in harmony with creative concepts, not against them. Look on the bright side. There might be a few elements that can still be integrated into a future endeavor, but remember the old saying: if you truly love something, let it go.

If you can’t see it going anywhere
It’s one thing to take a brand’s creative work in a new direction; it’s another to produce a one-off piece that can neither stand alone nor fit with the existing materials. Sometimes you have to wonder if maybe there’s a reason your great idea has never been executed before.

If the client doesn’t like it
Fighting for a worthy idea can be a noble endeavor. On the other hand, forcing work on a client and disregarding their opinion doesn’t help anybody. If a client shoots down your idea because of reasonable concerns, work with them to figure out why. Their feedback might inspire an even better solution that puts your initial concept to shame.