All too often, target audiences are seen as commodities or statistics instead of human beings; personalities become percentages as people with unique characteristics and identities are reduced to their age, ethnicity, gender, and shopping habits.

While facts and hard data will always have their place in marketing, your brand isn’t trying to connect with robots. Getting to know target audiences on a human level will help you craft messaging that truly resonates with the people who express interest in your product or service. It creates a lasting impression that transforms people from targets to customers.

How do they interact with each other?
This concept goes beyond their social media usage or smart phone ownership. What words and slang do they use? Are they usually friendly and respectful towards other people? By gaining a true understanding of your target audience and how they communicate, you can learn how to turn your brand into a friend, educator, or other type of resource. It will also help you communicate with them in a way that feels honest, genuine, and on their level.

Where are they?
Sometimes it feels like the people you’re trying to reach are playing a never-ending game of hide-and-seek. However, taking the time to pinpoint where your target audience lives, works, and plays is worth the effort. It will help you determine which methods of communication will truly reach them, making the most of your brand’s resources.

What are they looking for?
This should come as no surprise, but not everybody views the same qualities or principles as important. For example, some people crave quality while others look for convenience. Taking an extra step will uncover valuable insights—do they want convenience because they are lazy or do they seek more time with their friends and family? Do they view quality as a necessity or a status symbol? Knowing what motivates their actions and decisions will allow you to position your brand as the solution to their problems.

What to they consider respectful?
Disrespecting your target audience is one of the quickest and easiest ways to shoot your brand in the foot. With today’s abundance of social media and Internet-driven culture, it only takes one incident to demonstrate (possibly to an international audience) that you don’t understand your audience or the things that they hold dear. While it’s impossible to please everyone, take steps to avoid images or content that could be seen as insensitive or inappropriate.