This weekend was the first time I really got out and explored the city. Friday, a few friends and I went to an event called “First Friday” which featured a number of art galleries, local shops and a swarm of food trucks. There was more art, beer and cheap books than you could shake a can of spray paint at. Afterward, we walked over to a great bar and grill called Bliss ReBar. The food was tasty and the drinks were cheap, although they tasted a bit more like Kool-Aid than cocktails.

Saturday, Rachel and I discovered numerous attractions scattered around the valley. First, we hit up the Mesa Flea Market. If you’re looking for any sort of home decor, this is the place to find it. However, don’t expect to find much in the way of antiques or fine art. After that, we went to one of the best places I’ve been when it comes to buying produce. The Superstition Ranch Market has a ridiculous selection of fruits and veggies at a fraction of grocery store prices. They were selling strawberries for 25 cents a pound. 25 cents! For a pound of strawberries!

After stocking up, we ventured to a little slice of my personal heaven. Rachel’s grandparents were kind enough to escort us to the Rock and Roll Car Show in Scottsdale. This event takes place every Saturday night, and you can find anything from rat rods to Ferraris to muscle cars. As long as I’m in town, it’s probably where I’ll be on Saturday afternoons.